Learning Areas and Courses

Learning Areas

Chisholm Catholic College has a broad secondary curriculum programme made up of the compulsory requirements of the Western Australian Curriculum as determined by the Secondary Curriculum and Standards Authority and a broad range of elective offerings.
The breadth of curriculum Learning Areas covers-
Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Humanities, Science, Health and Physical Education, Technology and Enterprise, Visual Arts, Languages, Music, Drama, Information Technology and Business Studies.

Within these broad areas the College is able to offer many specialised courses and a large range of options – all part of a very well resourced school environment and campus.
In LOTE for example the College offers four languages, Italian, French, Mandarin (Chinese) and Indonesian, three of these to Year 12 ATAR level. (A language is compulsory at Chisholm until Year 9) In Music there is an extensive range of ensemble and instrumental opportunities as well as Music to Year 12 ATAR level. This is typical of the extensive curriculum possibilities and choices available at the College.