Chisholm Almuni

About the Chisholm Alumni


All former students of Chisholm Catholic College are welcome to join the Alumni.
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The Chisholm Alumni brings together ex-students and staff of Chisholm Catholic College, St Thomas Aquinas College and St Mark’s College, reconnecting them with the College, its history and people who share in the history of the school.

The Chisholm Catholic College Alumni has been formed to foster amongst past students and staff the ideas of philanthropy, community and networking whilst supporting the educational aims of Chisholm Catholic College.

Chisholm Catholic College was formed in 1989 as a result of the amalgamation of St Mark’s College, Bedford and St Thomas Aquinas College, Inglewood. The College was named after Caroline Chisholm, a Catholic social reformer and social justice advocate in colonial New South Wales. Caroline was significant in providing improved living and employment conditions and educational opportunities for migrant families.

Chisholm Catholic College opened with the motto “Grow in Christ”. During the years that have past, the College facilities have been continually upgraded, extended and expanded. The College now provides quality Catholic education for students in Year 7 to Year 12, located on the Beaufort Street site.