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Top Students, Class of 2017 We’ve come back with Jacky Lu and Jasmine Hunneybun – two top students, Class of 2017 as they talk about their Learning and Achievement at Chisholm Catholic College.

Claudia Pedulla, Class of 2017 received a Subject Certificate of Excellence in Maths Application from the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) and is a member of the College 400 Club. Claudia led her peers in various activities during her time at Chisholm Catholic College. What is the secret of her success? Here is what Claudia has to say about opportunities at Chisholm Catholic College and how she made the best of them.

Tinsae Teshome Whilst at Chisholm Catholic College, she was searching for four years for a university course that would suit her passion. Not only did she find the course, Tinsae Teshome has also received a scholarship for The University of Notre Dame Australia. Congratulations Tinsae on your achievement!

Top Students Jacky Lu and Jasmine Hunneybun are two top students of Chisholm Catholic College, Class of 2017. Recently they returned to the College for the 400 Club ceremony. In this video, they share with us their experiences within our Chisholm Community.