Leadership and Vision

 From the Principal

Through its near 30 year history, Chisholm Catholic College has grown and established itself to be a thriving, well-established school community. The College enjoys an excellent reputation and record in quality secondary education, forged on high standards and care and attention for each individual students to fulfill their God given potential.

John Bormolini

Our teaching and engagement with students in their learning and developmental journey, continues to respond to the changes and emerging trends in curriculum and learning itself. In doing so we  strive for a culture of excellence based upon high expectations. Pastorally, Chisholm has forged a strong reputation for providing support and care for those within our community. A core foundation in our mission and work is to instil and reinforce the importance of service to others and growing a capacity to make a positive contribution in life.

Chisholm is a large school, blessed with outstanding facilities, an extremely committed staff and wonderful breadth in opportunities available for learning and developing the talents of every individual. Its large scale however does not diminish the individual attention to learning and the commitment to provide the best learning environment possible for all students.

Our College is often commended on its efficient and smooth operation and the clear positive tone and pride exhibited by our students through what it means to be a part of Chisholm. We are proud of our strong academic culture, our continued dedication to the Arts and Sporting tradition and the way in which we reinforce the message and truth of the Gospel among all.

We look forward always to further improving the vital work of educating our secondary students for life, their vocational path and the challenges of their future world.

This is but a brief glimpse into the life of our school. There are many good things that cannot always be displayed but we are certainly proud of Chisholm and look forward to it continuing to be distinguished as not only a great school but an even better one into the future.

Mr John Bormolini
College Principal



In Service of Christ and Community, we Seek Excellence

The heart of life is Christ, through Him we can live abundantly. We aspire to educate in faith the whole person, so that they bear witness to Gospel values when creating the society envisaged by Christ.

As a College, we celebrate our diverse community. We aspire for our students to connect both locally and globally, and serve as agents of change who work for the common good in transforming society for the better.

We possess the potential for excellence and want individuals to realise their unique purpose. We aspire to form courageous leaders who strive to be their best and challenge society to make present God’s desire for humanity.


We promote the formation of the whole person, to be an instrument of Christ in this world

As a life-long learning community where education is illumined by faith, we are attentive to the entirety of the whole person, continually formed in order to find a place in a society characterised by skill. The pursuit of excellence in those skills is intentional and grounded in the conviction that knowledge set in the context of faith becomes wisdom.

As a Church community, we promote this formation to be a sign of Christ in a dynamic world. This commitment to truth is attentive to culture and recognises that knowledge is valuable when in service of others. This integration of faith, life and culture occurs in an engaging environment that empowers members to contribute to the progress of society


Character               Learning                 Compassion

 Character – the strength of qualities within an individual that determines how they think, feel and behave. This value upholds the distinct personality of each student who is encouraged to grow in Christ. Character calls us to live the expectations of the College.

Learning – the integration of human knowledge, belief, and behaviour that stems from the education process. This value promotes a cycle of enquiry, critical thinking, creation and reflection. The culture of Chisholm calls us to sustain a spirit of lifelong learning.

Compassion – the concern for others, and taking action to alleviate any adversity. This value is exemplified in the life of Christ and Caroline Chisholm. Compassion calls us to serve the needs of others to make our world a better place.