Effective Teaching

Effective teaching should be directed towards empowering students to continue into adult life as lifelong learners. To this end, Chisholm looks to instil in students the importance of accepting responsibility for their own learning, of being aware of that process and creating meaning from the learning experience.

Effective teachers are facilitators who look for opportunities to encourage students to take ultimate responsibility for their own learning. Such responsibility involves being able to set appropriate and challenging learning goals as well as knowing how to measure, evaluate and redirect their progress towards those goals. They reassure students in the context of a supportive relationship where students are known, cared for and mentored on the learning journey.
Effective teachers know that learning results from the intentional decisions of students and therefore requires a certain degree of self-reflection and knowledge. By personalising learning experiences teachers help students understand that they develop in unique ways. By exposing students to a wide range of teaching and learning strategies teachers are able to honour the different needs of each student and help them discover how to achieve their personal best. They also help students to recognise their peers as effective partners and as a resource that fosters the skills of collaboration.
Effective teachers see the value of learning well beyond the final assessment. They help students appreciate that through learning, people create or discover a sense of meaning and purpose in their lives. Such teachers have a deep understanding and appreciation of the content, skills and values they are teaching. They provide an environment where students feel physically and emotionally safe.

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