Curriculum Structures

Our College is proud of its academic culture and provides a strong framework and structure that targets specific learning for ability levels. Classes are streamed by mid Year 7 with an authentic, accelerated Academic Extension stream at the highest level through to targeted Enrichment groups for students who require greater support. Our Learning Support programme provides additional assistance to students with specific needs both at an enrichment support level and through Stellatus – our Gifted and Talented programme.

Chisholm’s record of achievement at Year 12 level reflects this strong academic culture and commitment to supporting every student in their learning and with their educational aspirations. It caters very well for University bound ATAR level students, those seeking an alternative entry pathway to University with mixed VET certificate courses and mainstream WACE courses, as well as those aiming for entry to specialist state training providers such as TAFE or direct employment.
A clear priority is to provide the best all round education and learning environment for all of our students through their interests and talents. A strong sense of civic responsibility, service to others and a preparedness for the ever – changing world around them, form part of that important developmental journey.