Chisholm Catholic College has a very high demand for enrolment.

Its excellent reputation, broad strengths within a strong educational community and wonderful facilities, attract families from a very wide area. The annual intake into Year 7 is a very competitive process with only limited places, given that around half of the enrolment is filled by Catholic siblings every year. Unfortunately, many applications received are unsuccessful and may form part of the enrolment waiting list.   

Enrolment Policy and Procedure

As with all Catholic schools, enrolment selection criteria apply and assist in determining the final offer of places. The offer of an enrolment position however, remains completely at the discretion of the Principal.
The following criteria (in alignment with CECWA policy) are important determinants in the priority given to applications.

Parents must complete and return the Application Form with copies of the student’s most recent School Report and Birth, Baptism, and First Communion Certificates, together with the non-refundable Application Fee.

The acceptance of an application does not guarantee an enrolment interview. The College will attempt to communicate as early as it can of an interview time or whether an interview is unlikely.  Accordingly, a scheduled interview does not necessarily mean an offer of enrolment will follow. The College cannot grant any automatic right of enrolment for any student, even though they may attend a Catholic Primary School or have prior siblings. We will always do our best to accommodate applications but unfortunately the College is unable to accommodate every application received.

Applications for the first round of processing and offers for incoming Year 7 Students close by the stipulated deadline date in March, for students in Year 5 (two years prior). Subsequent applications received after that date will be processed in due course and as spaces determine. This includes late sibling applications.

The College will advise all applicants of the outcome of the enrolment in writing with a formal Offer of Enrolment, as soon as possible. In some cases, particularly in the early  interview phase in term one, this will be almost immediate.  Later interviews will be advised in due course and as soon as practicable. 

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