Friday 19 June 2020

This period in the last weeks of Semester One with examinations concluded and preparations for Reporting represents an important time for our students in the various secondary year groups as they reflect on achievement and start to make further decisions about course selections for the year ahead.

One of the most significant things will be the Subject Selection Process for our current Year 10 students as they contemplate their course decisions and pathways to prepare for entering Year 11. Our Curriculum Handbooks and the information required will see students and parents having opportunities to discuss what these future choices involve. Appropriate guidance and advice through our course selection counselling interviews for all Year 10 students will be a vital part of that process.

For our most senior students in particular the disruption to the academic year has brought about some changes and adjustments and we continue to monitor through directions from SCSA, how to ensure that students and families are well informed of these changes or their implications.

Early in Term 3, students will be expected to finalise their choices and submit their selections online through the Subject Selection Online portal. Further specific information and various events will be outlined to everyone in this important mid-year period by Mr Randazzo and as we reach the appropriate time.

Mr John Bormolini


During Week 8, the Year 7s completed a workshop on ROC (Resilience, Optimism and Confidence) with Claire Eaton. The focus of the workshop was on:

  • Turning negatives into positives
  • Recognising changes in emotions and thought patterns
  • Asking for support
  • Our body language and how it affects mood and thoughts
  • Understanding stress and worry
  • Fostering positive friendships
  • “Bouncing back” from adversity and disappointment
  • Handling feedback in positive ways

Below are some Year 7 student reflections on their experience:

“An important thing we learnt from ROC was that we control our own thoughts and how we feel, not other people or the things we have. We also learnt that almost everyone around us are thinking the same things as us, so we are not weird or different for thinking things like, what am I, or do they like me?”

“I thought that the workshop was really helpful into showing us students how to deal with negative thoughts that are stuck in our heads.”

“ROC was a really fun activity, it taught me that only I can be the one to control my thoughts and actions, and how people can help or support you but you must make the decision. It was really fun and I really enjoyed it.”

 “I thought it was good for students that are still trying to find their way around high school. It taught me that it is ok to be stressed and having bad days is completely normal.”

“I enjoyed ROC as it helped me build up my confidence and taught me how to love myself.”

Mrs George O’Brien
Head of Year 7

On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, facilitators from Adventure Works WA visited Chisholm to deliver the first of two day-long workshops designed for Year 9 students. These workshops support the development of self-aware, engaged, responsible and resilient young adults. Adventure Works WA together with the staff at Chisholm have created a special, memorable series of events, aimed at honouring each young person’s transition into young adulthood. Part of this, involved the blessing and distribution of their ‘Into Adulthood’ badges which the students will wear as a visual reminder of the journey they are undertaking this year. It was quite remarkable to see the growth, development and positivity adopted by all the students during these workshops over the last two days.

Into Adulthood is a programme focusing on the transition towards adulthood and preparing us for the end-of-year camp. We completed activities that reflected upon our values and the values of Chisholm – Character, Learning and Compassion. PCG is a safe place where we discuss our thoughts. We grow as a team through activities such as creating a handshake to signify our unity. Our group leaders were there not only to teach us but also to act as our friends. This was an enjoyable day that allowed us to learn, grow and have fun!” – Jaymie Thompson and Kasey Pham 9L3

“This week’s Year 9 programme Into Adulthood was an exciting and beneficial workshop. It focused on values, transition and forming pastoral care group bonds to help prepare us for the camp later this year. The coordinators were unique, fun and loving, (favourite being Shaq-meister) who created a comfortable space where we could determine our strengths and weaknesses, even our odd quirks. There were many games and skits that empowered teamwork and leadership, challenging everyone to an inner battle. Overall, it was an amazing day. We can’t wait for the next session!” Jade Kingston, 9L3 and Dempsey Fricker, 9K2

Mrs Belinda Pietropaolo
Head of Year 9

Run Club had its first session back last week and despite the torrential rain, a number of students were very happy to be back running again. This is perfect preparation for the rescheduled Inter-house Cross Country taking place on Thursday 2 July at Hillcrest reserve. Students who qualified (Years 7-9) or nominated (Years 10-12) have been emailed instructions regarding the event. Given it will take place before school this event is optional for students to attend. 

Gym circuits kicked off again this week in limited capacity with many students relishing the opportunity to be active again. Year 8-12s have the option of Monday and Friday morning 7.15am – 8am, whilst Year 7-8s have the option of Wednesday morning 7.15am – 8am or Wednesday afternoon 3.30pm – 4.15pm. Numbers are limited to 30 per time slot with students expected to sign up before each session.

Term 3 sporting options are currently being explored and more information will be available soon.

Mr Nic Italiano
Director of Sport

Our Prefects from the Social Justice Committee have launched a video to call on their fellow students to celebrate LifeLink Day.


LifeLink is the charitable organisation which fundraises and works on behalf of all of the social service agencies established by the Archdiocese of Perth. Approximately a dozen welfare agencies rely on this financial support to care for people in need throughout WA. Direct assistance is provided to around 48,000 families and individuals each year, regardless of race, creed, colour or circumstances. For a list of these agencies or for further information about LifeLink, see http://www.lifelink.com.au.

Each year the Chisholm Catholic College community supports and celebrates LifeLink Day through fundraising, collections of donated items and festivities including House Chants and challenges.

This year is a little different as we are living under Covid-19 restrictions and the related hardships. As a result, the College is reducing the emphasis on donations being competitive whilst still emphasising the values of our faith, our four Houses Patrons and Caroline Chisholm. Here is an overview of our planned day: 

  • Generosity is our theme for LifeLink Day this year which will be held at Chisholm on Friday 26 June.
  • Students are invited to wear their House Shirts (with appropriate other attire) and for that privilege, asked to donate $2 (in PCG) to the annual LifeLink Appeal.
  • Students and staff are asked to bring in some non-perishable pantry items, which will be donated to the LifeLink Agency ‘Shopfront’. Many of these donated items will be included in a House Challenge to come up with an image/ symbol of generosity, hope, kindness & compassion, etc, which communicates and celebrates the cause and theme of the day.
  • House Leaders, PCG Representatives and Social Justice Committee members have been involved in organising House Challenges and a presentation on LifeLink Day’s theme from the stand point of each of the House Patron’s values and character. Together as a whole school community and as four unique Houses, we will be enjoying a great day of fun, House competition and spirit and of course a celebration of generosity.

Mr John Swindells
Deputy Principal – Mission

All students who are considering applying for the ONSITE program in 2021 (including Year 11 students currently in the program), MUST attend the Chisholm College registration evening. On the evening students will:

  • register their interest,
  • receive important information about both General ONSITE and TAFE ONSITE programs in 2021
  • collect an application pack

We will be running two sessions, 5pm and 6pm, with students requested to attend with a parent/guardian.

Pop it in your calendar today!

Mrs Simone Firns
ONSITE Coordinator


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