Are You Being Caring – Courteous – Considerate?

September 1, 2022

It is pleasing to note that Parents/Guardians are displaying the above values within the College’s campus when picking up/dropping off students. Your patience is appreciated and more often than not, our three zones are cleared safely and within a short space of time.

However, we (and the City of Bayswater) continue to receive complaints from the community about the use of verges and driveways of neighbours to collect students. The City of Bayswater is engaging with the community as they continually assess the issue as does the College by regularly posting notices. Please pay attention to the traffic signage and be respectful of nearby residents.

Take the opportunity to use the pickup/drop off zones, you may be surprised at how efficient they are when the STUDENT PICK UP AND DROP OFF GUIDELINES are followed.

Ms Taniya Rodrigues
Deputy Principal – Community

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