Career Counselling Services at Chisholm

February 16, 2023

Chisholm Career Services provides counselling and assistance to help ensure students are on the right track for success. In particular, the start of Year 11 and 12 can be challenging with students often needing pathway, motivation and “direction” advice and in the first few weeks – this can really help.  

Students and parents seeking advice around subject selections, motivation/mindset, goal setting, career pathway planning etc. are encouraged and welcome to contact us via email. Assistance can be provided by return email, a phone call and/or a scheduled appointment.

The Chisholm Career Services Team comprises myself and Mrs Simone Firns. We both cover all aspects of career and mindset advice. We work to get parent and student expectations and perceptions aligned. 

My speciality and experience is in pathways to university (e.g. admission, university choices, changes, courses/majors etc.), the job outlook and creating the right habits and mindset for success. Mrs Firns, the College Workplace Learning Coordinator (ONSITE) speciality is TAFE and apprenticeships pathways, getting work, the job outlook and creating the right mindset.

Parents are encouraged to have a look at Chisholm Career Services for extensive information relating to career planning. Year 11 and 12 students, via the portal, have log in access to a great array of activities, an essential highlight being the Achieveworks suite of personality and career quizzes which develop a detailed personalised profile that can be very helpful for effective career counselling. 

Mrs Firns and I can be contacted via and

Mr Mark O’Mara
Careers & VET Coordinator 

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