Important Traffic and Drop-off Reminders

July 26, 2021

The College and the City of Bayswater have been receiving an increasing number of complaints from nearby residents regarding our students being dropped off at dangerous or unsuitable locations. Parents are asked to please comply with the College Drop-off and Pick-up policy at all times (including when it’s wet weather) and to be considerate of our neighbours and local traffic flow. The City of Bayswater rangers frequently monitor the local area and fines are issued.

In particular, please note:

  • Please use our designated pick up/drop off areas on the College grounds – May Street (Years 7-8); Belham Street (Years 9 – 10) and Young Street (Years 11 – 12). Please click here for the guidelines. 
  • Students CAN be dropped off in the Beaufort Street slip lane – parents are asked to drive to the front of the lane so that maximum cars can use this space for drop-off
  • Students are NOT to be dropped off in the middle of the local streets. This is dangerous for your children, blocks traffic whilst your children alight and gather their bags and belongings from the car boot. It is also illegal road practice.
  • Parents are asked NOT to park in driveways/verges to collect or drop-off students.
  • Parents are asked NOT to use the Admin car park in Beaufort Place to collect or drop off children.
  • At the May Street car park, please drop off students at the designated bays near the oval, NOT at the entrance to May Street, near the gym or near F Block.

Thank you to all parents (and grandparents) for your co-operation in ensuring a safer environment for all students and smoother traffic flow around the College.

Mrs Fiona Millimaci
Deputy Principal – Community

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