Educational and Fun Workshops During Holidays

June 16, 2022

Kids staying home these school holidays? Want them to do something educational and fun with tech?
Edith Cowan University’s School of Science is running a series of school holiday workshops for high school-aged students. We have Coding, Cyber Security, and our new one Security and Intelligence.
Our workshops:
July 6th – Micro Bits and Bots – Join us as we code a micro: bit smart robot car. Learn how to make it move turn and avoid obstacles. The day will start with learning the basics of coding in python followed by writing code to make the bot move. Costs $25.
July 7th – Security and Intelligence – Join us as we learn about investigation techniques, ways in which we can obtain information and learn simple security methods. The day will start with developing your skills in obtaining intelligence. Cost $15.
July 8th – This workshop is for female students who reside outside Perth’s metro area. Sponsored by @WAInspiringAustralia Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation and Scitech
Girls only Arduino Coding workshop – Learn about hardware and software. Join us as we code an Arduino and then attach lights, motors, and buzzers. The day will start with learning the basics of C++, the Arduino platform, and Electronics, followed by looking at the various projects available and working through them. Free.
July 13th – Micro: bit Game Creation – Join us as we code a Micro: bit making simple games. Basic Coding skills are required but it will be a day of fun. We will start with learning the basics of Python coding, and the various functions on a Micro: bit followed by the application of these skills by creating simple handheld games. Cost $15.
July 15th Apple Swift for High School Students – Join Apple Professional Learning Specialists, @MattRichards, and @MichelleForrest to learn about the new features of Swift Playgrounds 4 – the best and easiest way to learn to code and develop apps. This session will deep dive into the new features of Swift Playgrounds 4 and walk through the steps to take when building their own apps to support problem-solving and deeper learning on iPad. Cost Free.

More information can be found on our website:

Mr Mike Burgermeister
Coordinator of Digital Technologies 

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