School Climate Surveys: Year 8, 10 and 12 Students and their Parents/Guardians

March 16, 2023

Catholic schools, in partnership with Curtin University (, participate in School Climate Surveys every couple of years. This year Chisholm will once again administer the survey to our community and seek feedback about our school environment and how it can be improved. It is a chance for stakeholders to have a real and tangible impact on the climate of our College so that students, staff, teachers and parents flourish.

To enable us to capture a community snapshot, the surveys will be administered to each of those stakeholders and further information will be sent via email to those involved. The Climate Surveys will be open for a two-week period between Monday 20 March and Friday 31 March. We thank you in advance for your participation and providing valuable comment about our College.

Ms Taniya Rodrigues
Deputy Principal- Community

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