Pastoral Care

A comprehensive and clear commitment to the care and well being of students is recognised as being vital for a positive and successful school environment.

Individual Pastoral Care Advisors allocated to small groups of students in each Year Cohort and that follow their group through their six year journey is a fundamental aspect of the pastoral care framework at Chisholm.

In addition students in each of the six year groups are overseen by a Head of Year. The Heads of Year play an important role in working with students and families throughout their secondary years and overall development. The Heads of Year move forward every two years and as such get to know their students well as they follow their development.

The College has a full time School Psychologist, Mrs Cara Mayne ( and our College Counsellors Ms Maria Annese ( and Mrs Una Flynn (

A number of different pastoral care programmes and initiatives form part of the annual calendar of events. These programmes are aimed at addressing areas of need and focus for individual year groups.


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