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2023 Chisholm Immersions

May 11, 2023

Pilbara Immersion

Twelve Year 10s and four staff members will be involved in an immersion programme in the Pilbara for eight days in Week 9 of Term 3. Time will be spent with the people of St Luke’s College in Karratha (highlighting our shared Mission and historical connections with our Church and Chisholm), as well as broad ‘on country experiences’ of this remarkable part of historical and modern Australia.

Vietnam Immersion

Twenty Year 11s and five staff members will be involved in an immersion programme in Vietnam for 10 days during Term 3 holidays. Time will be spent with the Dominican Sisters and their important work in support of young people in need, as well as making broad connection with this remarkable country which has such strong ties to so many people of Chisholm.

The selection process has been finalised and we are so grateful to the many students and staff who expressed their support of the Programmes and availed themselves of the opportunity. We have now begun our preparation meetings, initially learning about the history and culture of the two Immersion destinations respectively, via presentation and fun quizzes. This week, we explored the Catholic Social Justice teachings, pertinent to the rationale of our Programmes as we ‘walk in the shoes’ of those we meet. Focus is being placed on the importance of listening, the dignity we display to all we meet, the Gospel values which underpin our choices and our hope to build genuine and lasting connections as part of the Immersion Programmes.

More updates will follow concerning our Programmes and fundraising efforts to come.

Mr John Swindells
Deputy Principal – Mission

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