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Grow In Christ

Chisholm Catholic College is a co‐educational Year 7 to 12 secondary College located in the suburb of Bedford, in Perth. It caters for students from the surrounding metropolitan area with approximately 1700 students enrolled.

The heart of the College mission is to nurture the formation of each individual student as reflected in the College motto ‐ ‘Grow in Christ’. This mission is encompassed in all learning programmes and pastoral care structures throughout the College. A very comprehensive curriculum programmes and differentiated learning structures cater for the range and large number of students, with the primary aim of providing the best secondary education in a high quality teaching and learning environment.

The College was named after Caroline Chisholm, a Catholic social reformer and social justice advocate in colonial New South Wales. Caroline was significant in providing improved living and employment conditions and educational opportunities for migrant families.

A Range of Opportunities

Students have a range of opportunities and broad pathways including towards University, Technical and Further Education, Vocational and Education Training Certificate qualifications and on job (work placement) training programmes. Students can participate in a full range of co‐curricular programmes including the Stellatus Gifted and Talented Programme, inter-school sport, the performing and creative arts, debating, mock trials, a variety of academic competitions and study tours and significant cultural immersion programmes.

Strategic Planning is an important and necessary process that provides an ongoing sequence of goals and plans for improvement. Major strategic objectives at Board level combined with a continual review of school priorities, aims to provide the best educational outcomes for all in our community.

Current Strategic Plan

Chisholm Catholic College’s Strategic Plan encompasses these broad strategic objectives for the forthcoming five year period.

School Improvement Plan

Each year a revision of our focus and upcoming areas of priority is captured in the College School Improvement Plan.

Annual Curriculum Plan

In addition the College produces a required annual Curriculum Plan.

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