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2023 EV Challenge

November 9, 2023

Over 12 months ago, four Year 10 students and two teachers embarked on a journey to design, fabricate, test and enter a vehicle in the 2023 EV Challenge. The students’ objective was to create a battery powered vehicle that could complete the greatest number of laps of a racetrack in one hour. Our students entered in the Senior Class, which had a 36 Volt, 17.5Ah battery and had to fabricate a vehicle that would safely take them around the track, steer, stop and have the least amount of drag.

Traveling to Bunbury Kart Track on Sunday 5 November, the now Year 11 students Abner Melder, Ronit Kumar, Anthony Wells and Oliver Rodrigues qualified and raced in the Senior Class. Facing other teams that have been refining their slick looking machines for years, our first entry continued around like a Swiss made clock, with Abner, Ronit and Anthony driving. We raced like the smoothness of butter for 59 minutes, until the unthinkable happened on the penultimate lap; a dead battery! Dejected, but undeterred, our team placed an honourable 16th place out of 22, beating teams who have years of EV racing experience under their belt. Like any race, there was a lot to talk about and reflect on Monday.

A big thank you to Mr Auld who drove us down, waved flags and pushed broken down cars off the track. His invaluable input was highly appreciated. Also, to Miss Van Der Wal and Miss Alderdice for helping make our vehicle the best looking on the day!

Mr Cory Tickner

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