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29th Annual National Schools Constitutional Convention

March 28, 2024

From 19-21 March, I was part of 15 student delegates selected to represent WA in Canberra.

Going to Canberra was a transformative experience, one that opened my eyes to the complexities of politics, constitutional law and the power of communication.

As students, we were given the chance to voice our opinions on Section 96 of the Constitution and offered a referendum question to reinstate Section 87 – the “Braddon Blot.” These debates were not just intellectual exercises but rather real discussions about the future of our country. It was challenging yet empowering to defend my beliefs and listen to differing perspectives, especially across state boundaries.

Visiting Parliament House was like stepping into the heart of Australian democracy. Witnessing politicians deliberating and making decisions that impact millions of lives through childish insults was surreal. I even got to see Michael Sukkar – the Shadow Minister for Housing, ejected from the House of Representatives.

Meeting his Excellency David Hurley, the Governor-General, was undoubtedly the highlight of the trip. Experiencing the grandeur of Government House and opportunity to engage in conversation (albeit – a slightly eccentric conversation) with such a prominent figure in Australian politics was both humbling and inspiring.

Overall, my trip to Canberra was a profound educational journey. It taught me the value of civic engagement, critical thinking and respectful discourse. Returning home I have a renewed sense of purpose and a deeper appreciation for the complexities of our political system.

Isabelle Doyle
Year 12 Student

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