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A Day On Country

August 26, 2021

On Monday, our indigenous students attended “A Day on Country” excursion. We visited Brown Hill in York and the McGuire farm in Beverley, where Noongar elder Angus McGuire shared his home and his family’s dreamtime story of the creation of the surrounding areas. Thank you to Jake Ricks, Emily Smith and Sule Alagic for organising and accompanying the students on this enriching experience.

“On 23 August, the Aboriginal students went on a two-hour drive to Beverley, just outside of York. When we got there, we met Angus who showed us around the area and the scenery of the land. After that Angus took us to his farm where he told us about how the dreamtime was linked with his land. The farm had everyone running around and having fun with a dog called Max. We all went into the canola fields before having a delicious sausage sizzle lunch. On the afternoon walk to the top of the hill, Angus shared more stories about the significance of the land. We had a great time – thank you Angus and teachers.” – Elijah Creighton (Year 9)

“I think that the excursion was so good. It was a long drive but was worth the gorgeous views. Angus was really nice to show us around his property, to let us run around with his puppy Max and he cooked some great sausages for us all. My favourite part was probably walking up the big hill. It was just so gorgeous and very tiring but 100% worth it.” – Bella Beckett (Year 10)

Mrs Fiona Millimaci
Deputy Principal – Community

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