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Book Week

August 25, 2023

The theme for this year’s Book Week is “Read, Grow, Inspire.” The Library team has organised an array of engaging activities for both staff and students throughout the week.

On Monday, students kicked off the week celebrating all things reading! At lunchtime, students enjoyed some quiet and relaxing reading time in the Library, delving into their favourite books. 

On Tuesday and Friday, students gathered in the Library, using arts and crafts to make and write cards to those who inspire them at school.

There were also a PCG Online Quiz for prizes and “Can you guess staff members behind their favourite book?” competition to earn House points that ran for the whole week.

Finally on Wednesday, the Library held its annual Book Week luncheon to honour our top readers from Years 7 to 12.

The top reader of each Year group was awarded a certificate, a $25 Rabble Books voucher and a Book Week themed library bag. They were Gurmohit Singh (Year 7); Chloe Langley (Year 8); Ryder Pham (Year 9); Georgia Carter (Year 10, absent) and Danae O’Neill (Year 11/12). The overall top borrower was Ryder Pham with over 300 loans so far this year!

Mrs Cally Black
Head of Learning Area – Library and Information Services

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