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Bright future on stage for Georgia Unsworth, Class of 2019

September 22, 2021

After Georgia Unsworth graduated from Chisholm College in 2019 she followed her passion for the Arts and studied at WAAPA. Her hard work and studies paid off as she played Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family musical at the Regal Theatre earlier this year and is currently rehearsing in a lead role as Sophie for Mamma Mia which opens in November this year.  

We asked Georgia some questions about her journey from school to her successful career on stage.

Where did you study after graduating from Chisholm College?

I studied a Diploma of Musical Theatre at WAAPA in 2020, where I furthered my studies in the three disciplines: singing, dancing and acting. It pushed me to become the best performer I could be, whilst also teaching me about the endurance and resilience you need to be successful in this industry. I graduated last year and decided to try my luck at auditioning at some Pro-Am shows whilst trying to make a name for myself in the Perth scene. I started off with dance classes at the Dance Workshop in North Perth which I’d highly recommend for students when they graduate, I’m also in singing lessons.

What did you like about studying drama at Chisholm and which productions did you participate in?

Working with Rebecca Williams was the highlight of my day, walking into that drama classroom every week we would learn something new and exciting. She created such an inviting and comfortable environment in which Drama became one of my favourite classes. Looking back, I was very appreciative on the spaces we had to work in, involving the main drama room with the pit and the amazing auditorium. I participated in every musical from year 7, starting in 2014.

Tell us a bit about your experience participating in Chisholm productions.

Absolute highlight of my year! Chisholm’s productions in terms of set, costume and direction are amazing, and I feel very lucky to have been involved in shows. Not only are the shows great, but they bring together kids of all different backgrounds, even if you wouldn’t sit with them at lunch you’d finish the day and walk into that drama room for rehearsals as friends. With the direction of Rebecca Williams, Evan Eble, Heidi Lake and Samantha Ashman we were all in great hands.

How did your experience at Chisholm help you with your current studies and performance?

It certainly helped me build confidence and passion in my performing. Putting myself out there on the stage every year made me appreciate the Arts. I participated in College Choir for most years and was lucky enough in Year 12 to be Choir Captain where I learnt a lot from the amazing Heidi Lake. I also took lessons from Heidi every week in Year 11 and 12, and she helped me become the person I am today, and don’t know what I would have done without her. My classes during the week were also enjoyable with a variety of different subjects, my favourites being Media, English and Drama, which is no surprise as they are all involved in the Arts.

What are you up to now?

I’ve just finished a Perth tour of Perform Education’s ‘Bigger, Better, Brighter’, which lasted three weeks, with 37 shows at 26 primary schools. I’m now currently rehearsing for Mamma Mia, with Serasi Entertainment where I will be playing Sophie. I’m really excited as I grew up with ABBA, and Sophie has always been my dream role! The season runs from 3-13 November at Regal Theatre.

What are your future goals?

To be involved in a touring major musical production in Australia, I have a way to go, but I’m determined to keep pushing myself to get there.

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