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Career & Self Development: Character

February 17, 2022

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#2 in a series focussing on Career and Self Development

The development of a student’s character is at the core of what we aim to do at Chisholm Catholic College.  Character is one of the College’s three core values defined as “the strength of qualities within an individual that determines how they think, feel and behave”

These qualities are just what employers are looking for and is an important reason why character development is an essential goal of career and self-development. Of course, character is about much more than getting and maintaining employment, but the link demonstrates how the development of the whole person contributes to career success and a good life.

By developing and demonstrating integrity, selflessness and responsibility students build character. Being self-disciplined, future-focused and setting goals requires responsibility. Employers need employees that display integrity by being honest and trustworthy. Employees demonstrate selflessness when they are respectful and willing, positive learners.

By adopting the habits around character, students grow into the best version of themselves and have the self-confidence associated with success. 

For further tips and insights, parents and students are encouraged to explore these themes through books and online sources. Students should identify character role models they encounter in their personal lives and observe where a public person shows great character. Recent examples that come to mind are the Tennis champions Rafael Nadal and Dylan Alcott.

Mr Mark O’Mara and Mrs Simone Firns at Chisholm Career Services can help students with practical tools and tips to “buy into” the value of character to drive their own path toward success. Students are encouraged to drop into Career Services for a chat and/or book an appointment.

Mr Mark O’Mara
Careers and VET Coordinator

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