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Catholic Performing Arts Festival

August 11, 2022

Jazz Nights at Chisholm & Showband Performance

On Monday and Tuesday, Chisholm had the privilege of hosting the Big Band/Jazz Combo section of the Catholic Performing Arts Festival.

In total nine Catholic schools sent over 14 jazz bands and combos to perform on our stage, including our own Chisholm Showband on Monday evening.

Led by Mrs Heidi Lake and Mr Paul Olsen, the Chisholm Showband once again delivered a powerful and polished performance. They began with ‘So What’ by Miles Davis, featuring an impressive double bass riff from Finn McKibbin (Showband Captain) and stellar solos from Jade Kingston on trombone and Owen Koroll on trumpet, followed by ‘Work Song’ by Nat Addlerly which highlighted our strong Saxophone students in a solo section (Jasmine Payne, Elaria Pillera, Ari van Vliet, Chad West, Digby Pettit, Xavier Teo and Andrew Hawke), and finally a rollicking ‘Samba Sabado Noche’ by Rich Woolworth which featured Francesco Rachetti on a trumpet solo and Owen on a piercing trumpet melody.

A small army of volunteers pulled off this successful event. We would like to thank the following people:

Chisholm Staff: Gareth Goerke, Rebecca Williams, Stephanie Gilhooley, Heidi Lake, Paul Olsen, Don Armstrong, and Karen Moody.

La Salle College Staff: Samantha Ashman (Big Band/Jazz Combo Section Coordinator – Director of Music at La Salle College) and Stella Coskun (Chisholm alumnus and current La Salle practice student).

Parents: Suzanne West, Shonie McKibbin, and Rebecca Dillon.

Students: Josie Allen, Amy Allen, Stella Gregory, Grace Rose, Nathan Njeru, Roman Kaless, Jade Kingston, Aniela Matkowski, Digby Pettit, Zara Consen, Elliott Thomas-Price, Caitlin Savino, Toni McDonald, Rita Pizzolante, Victoria Kolpa, and Royce Paskin.

Miss Stephanie Gilhooley
Music Administration Assistant

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