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Celebrating HASS Week

August 13, 2021

Last week was HASS Week at Chisholm. Our Year 7 to Year 10 students enjoyed participating in a range of activities including quizzes, Kahoots, Geoguessr and a modified version of the Amazing Race with an Olympics flavour. The activities were prepared based on the topics students are learning in class this term.

It was great to see our students applying their skills in a competitive and engaging way to win a prize.  Students loved our colourful HASS pens as prizes!

A Game of Geoguessr
As part of HASS week, students were invited to take part in a game of Geoguessr. Much like the online version, students were shown a photo of a location (with the added twist of having to work out which HASS teacher was in it) and had to guess, using clues from the photo, where it was. Depending on the year group, either grid references or latitude and longitude co-ordinates were required as the answer, with prizes distributed to the winners. Locations included the Zambezi River, Helsinki and New Zealand. Thank you to all the teachers who willingly submitted photos.

The Amazing Race
Mrs McCagh’s Year 8 class celebrated HASS week with a classroom version of ‘The Amazing Race’! Students had to put together a giant jigsaw world map and unlock the clues to locate natural and cultural features.

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