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Celebrating Languages Week in Mandarin

August 26, 2021

Year 7 Mandarin Incursion

During Week 4, the Year 7 Mandarin classes played the game ‘Jian zi’ and had BBQ pork buns along with a lychee drink. I really enjoyed learning a traditional game from China. I thought the lychee drink was really sweet, but it still tasted good, and the BBQ pork buns were delicious. I know that everyone had an amazing experience for our first year at the College learning Mandarin.  Thank you Zheng laoshi, I know that we all loved this terrific experience. – By Tahliah Gonsalves Year 7

Year 8 Mandarin Cooking

Learning a language at school is quite interesting in comparison to your usual classwork, and an experience like this, where we take a break from the books and explore a culture through food is extremely beneficial and worthwhile. Food is an exceptional way to learn about a country. It tells you the type of land that grows the ingredients, the common flavours, the nature around and some local customs. I mean, who knew dumplings could be so educational! And delicious! So overall I can say confidently that hands-on experiences are super effective in learning. Thank you very much Zheng laoshi for letting me enjoy the incursion, it definitely improved my Wednesday! – By Savannah Gitonga Year 8

Year 9 Mandarin Excursion

On Friday 6 August, Year 9 Mandarin attended The Wangs Treasure House in Morley after school. My classmates and I were treated with incredible Chinese cuisine including amazing lemon chicken, fried rice, Chinese tea and so much more delicious food. Chinese culture was featured around the restaurant with the traditionally styled mural with cranes and elegant scenery; the plates, cups and bowls with beautiful depictions of mountains and birds. The atmosphere in the restaurant amplified the feeling of enjoying a traditional Chinese experience. – By Noah Poole Year 9

Ms Bee Tee
Mandarin Teacher

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