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Celebrating the Spectacular College Plays!

May 16, 2024

We are thrilled to share the resounding success of our recent College Plays, ‘Treasure Island’ and ‘Blink of an Eye’! These captivating performances showcased the immense talent and dedication of our students, leaving audiences spellbound with their outstanding performances.

‘Treasure Island’ transported us to the high seas with its thrilling tale of pirates, treasure maps and mutiny. Jim Hawkins led us on a daring adventure against the crafty Long John Silver. The cast brought this classic story to life with their energy and enthusiasm, capturing the hearts of everyone in attendance. Meanwhile, ‘Blink of an Eye’ took us on a whirlwind journey with a private eye in search of a missing brother. Our students embodied a diverse range of characters, captivating the audience with their charisma and flair. Each twist and turn kept us on the edge of our seats, testament to the talent and hard work of our dedicated performers. 

Behind the scenes, the commitment of our students and crew members has been truly remarkable. Since February, they have poured countless hours into rehearsals, set design and costume creation. Their dedication and passion have been evident in every aspect of the production, from the intricate stage designs to the flawless performances on opening night. None of this would have been possible without the generous support of our Parent Volunteers, Alumni and Staff members. The Friends of Performing Arts (FOPAs) have been instrumental in providing assistance with hair and makeup, interval canteen services, and costume maintenance.  Special recognition is also due to our Alumni Drama students who returned to offer their support and guidance, as well as to Sue, Jake, and Jonathan for their invaluable contributions to costume design, lighting and choreography. We are grateful to Mr Brad Rawlins and his exceptional maintenance team for ensuring our Auditorium was ready for the spotlight, to Mrs Grace Monterosso and the Canteen Team for keeping us nourished and to the Community Relations Team of Mr Marco Ieritano, Sister Chau, Mrs Aimee Iacusso and Mrs Jill Collins for all the work on posters, programmes, photography, ticket sales and more. 

Our deepest gratitude goes to our own staff members, Mrs Rebecca Williams and Miss Maddy March-Anthony, for their outstanding leadership as Directors, as well as to Mr David Lyons-Nash for his exceptional scenography and stage design and Mrs Karen Moody for her impeccable costume design. Lastly, we want to express our immense pride in our students for their remarkable achievements. Their talent, dedication and teamwork have been nothing short of inspiring and we are honored to have witnessed their incredible performances.

Thank you to everyone who supported our school plays, whether by attending the shows, volunteering behind the scenes or offering words of encouragement. Your support means the world to us and has helped make this year’s plays a wonderful success.

Mrs Nicole Huggins
Deputy Principal – Excellence

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