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FROM THE PRINCIPAL – Celebration of Our Patron

September 9, 2022

Today the College community will celebrate our foundation and the important connection to our Patron, Caroline Chisholm. As we do every year, the College and all within it celebrate and acknowledge this important connection through Chisholm Day and an array of festivities and fundraising activities involving everyone. It is typically a great event and a fun day enjoyed by all.

The message attached to this celebration is also vital to us as we recognise the essence and challenge in being of service, so prominently demonstrated in the work of Caroline Chisholm. The day sees a very significant fundraising effort that contributes to worthy charities and agencies including those connected to the Dominican Sisters and Christian Brothers and other recipients through our Chisholm Care programme.

Sadly, we also acknowledge today the passing of our Monarch and Head of the Commonwealth, Queen Elizabeth II. An amazing icon and example of service in her own right, the Queen has been an undisputable part of Australian society and history for an incredible seven decades. No doubt the coming days will see an outpouring of respectful recognition and acknowledgement and much commentary on what will be her enduring legacy. 

Mr John Bormolini

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