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Chisholm Artwork on Show – Angelico Art Exhibition

August 11, 2023

Once again, Chisholm Catholic College proudly announces the selection of exceptional artwork created by its talented art students to represent our school at the prestigious annual Angelico Art Exhibition. Work by Cassidy Doudakis, Angel Papalazaros, Aimee Elliot, Mia Vella and Jasmine Bastian were selected amongst the plethora of outstanding works produced by the students in all art classes. The work of each of student is a display of gifted artistic talent, the meticulous attention to detail, discerning use of colour and technique to create captivating visual experiences for the viewer.

The Angelico Exhibition can be viewed by the public until Saturday 19 August at Forrest Centre, 221 St Georges Terrace, Perth.

Mr Jason Auld
Head of Creative Design and Technology

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