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Chisholm Care

May 30, 2024

Through Chisholm Care (the College’s Christian Service Learning Programme), our students are given the opportunity to work with a variety of diverse people. Studies have shown the numerous benefits our students are gaining from this programme. They develop social awareness, patience, empathy and get a first hand look at how valuable their service is to the community along with numerous mental health benefits.

Our students have been volunteering at several different places this year and the feedback from both the students and the community they are helping has been fantastic.

Our Year 12s have now completed their Chisholm Care journey and I hope they continue to help the community when they have graduated. The hours they have accumulated will benefit them with their applications into University and TAFE. They will have increased their self confidence and maybe even been given an insight into a career path they had not thought of before.

Whilst this programme has finished for them, there are still several diaries that have not been submitted and students will need to finalise their commitment to the programme.

Our Year 11 students should be working towards completing 20 hours this year. They are required to complete 30 hours over 18 months in the Senior Programme.

Our Year 10s have been volunteering their services at daycare centres, environmental services, aged care and People Who Care with gardening and maintenance jobs. We have also been working with the Telethon Speech and Hearing Institute in Wembley.

Our lower school students should now be working towards finalising their hours at Home, School and Community levels.

Mrs Janice Bell
Chisholm Care Coordinator

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