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Chisholm Care

August 18, 2022

Our Year 10 students have been busy finalising their Chisholm Care requirements and doing some great work at a variety of not-for-profit agencies. They have particularly enjoyed their time at Telethon Community Cinemas Fundraising Project.

To date in 2022, a total of 23 Year 10 Chisholm Catholic College students have diligently and kindly volunteered for the project. A big thank you to Tim Priest who supervised our students whilst they were at the centre.

Jake Howe is a Rebound WA member and Australian Wheelchair Rugby Team (Steelers) member for the last five years to present. Last week, Jake trained in Italy and played in Denmark. He will compete in the World Championships later this year.

Back in his hometown Perth, Jake met four Year 10 ‘Chisholm Hours’ volunteers, who assisted with our Telethon Community Cinemas Fundraising Project.

Telethon Community Cinemas annually distribute funds to support multiple WA charities including Rebound WA with its children programmes.

Mrs Janice Bell
Chisholm Care Coordinator

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