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Chisholm Care

May 11, 2023

On Friday 5 May, I had the pleasure of delivering trays of home-made baked goods and bags filled with hygiene products to the Perth Homeless Support Group (PHSG) who are making an excellent contribution to the plight of the homeless in the Perth CBD.

Mrs Maddison and Mrs Van Den Adel’s Year 12 Children Family and Community General course, were involved in the collection and baking. Both classes worked hard to make the bags themselves and contributed all the hygiene products out of their own pockets.

The muffins were accepted with tears and joy as it is a real treat for some of our marginalised groups to have home-made goods.

A quote from Mrs Maddison: “Incredibly popular course and we take the community part of the subject and try for it to be a real-world experience for the students.”

Well done to our wonderful Home Economics staff and their very generous classes. The photos show just a small portion of what was made and donated to PHSG.

Mrs Janice Bell
Chisholm Care Coordinator

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