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Chisholm Care – Students at Craig Care

June 22, 2022

As part of the Chisholm Care requirements the Year 10s are expected to complete two days of service and one of the opportunities available is Craig Care Aged Care residence in Ascot Waters.

The Year 10s have been very proactive at signing up to volunteer their time at Craig Care. Both the residents and the students have loved their time getting to know the elderly or helping the staff provide care to them.

The feedback about the Chisholm Catholic College students has been wonderful from both staff and the residents alike.

The benefits of intergenerational programmes are many and varied, I have included below just one of the many benefits.

“All generations learn new skills. Older adults can learn new technologies from the younger generation and youth can benefit from mature mentoring from their wiser friends. Through spending time and participating in activities together, some of the benefits for students and seniors can be a higher sense of purpose and self-esteem. It is truly a mutually beneficial learning experience”. – The Goodman Group

I am extremely proud of the way the students have conducted themselves at all levels whilst completing the service requirements and representing the College in such a positive way.

Mrs Janice Bell
Chisholm Care Coordinator

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