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Chisholm Care Updates

March 23, 2023

Our Year 10 students have been very proactive with their Chisholm Care Service requirements in 2023.

Once again, they have had the privilege of helping Brother Ollie with his Wheelchairs for Kids Charity. The feedback from the students after this experience is always positive and to be able to see exactly where their help is going is so beneficial.

Please click on the link to see the fantastic work Brother Ollie and his volunteers are doing each and every day:

Every Tuesday and Wednesday, students have been attending Kora Day Care Centre working with the Servite Sisters. The Sisters are providing affordable day care for families in our immediate community who are struggling with the cost of living. The Sisters do not get funded so are very grateful for the help they receive from the Chisholm Catholic College community.

On Monday and Wednesday, we see our students travelling to Balga to help Mercy Care at the Warriapendi Parent and Child Centre with the work they are doing with the indigenous and refugee families. Our Year 9 students will also be doing some collections for them soon.

We are again happy to be working with Environment House who are doing fantastic work in the wetlands around Bayswater. They are also making our students more aware of the changes we can make. Please click on the link if you would like to know more about the work the volunteers are doing at this agency:

Mrs Janice Bell
Chisholm Care Coordinator

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