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Chisholm Care – ‘Wheelchairs for Kids’

March 7, 2024

Chisholm Catholic College has once again joined forces with Brother Olly’s ‘Wheelchairs for Kids’ organisation. Our second group of Year 10 students in 2024 headed off on Wednesday morning to volunteer and learn about the importance of the work that is completed there.

The wheelchairs that are built and sent to all parts of the world are not just for mobility but are instruments of independence and empowerment for the children that receive them.

Our Chisholm students come back with a sense of helping those who are really in need, and seeing first hand the fabulous work the ‘Wheelchairs for Kids’ organisation are doing around the world.

To date there have been 58,494 wheelchairs dispatched around the world and 2,739 sent in the last financial year.

If you would like to donate to the organisation, you can go online at Every donation sent or received is used in the manufacture of the wheelchairs.

Mrs Janice Bell
Chisholm Care Coordinator

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