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Chisholm Career Services

February 10, 2022

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Career Services at the College are provided by the team of Mr Mark O’Mara and Mrs Simone Firns. In a nutshell, our role is to help students get on the career and life path that suits their set of skills, talents, goals, dreams (!), strengths etc. 

We love what we do! We have learnt from experience and the student outcomes we have observed, how we can help students and their families. It is our privilege to have the opportunity to impact the future lives of our students. Our aim is to provide the Chisholm College community with a professional Career Development industry standard of service.          

Mr O’Mara is a professionally accredited (CDAA), qualified Career Counsellor (Cert IV in Career Development) with many years’ experience providing:

  • career and subject selection advice to students
  • up to date information about pathways and courses at our universities and TAFE colleges
  • essential information about occupations, labour market trends and the dynamics of a rapidly changing world
  • the personal skill development around essential career skills such as effective habits, goal setting, planning, problem solving etc.

Mrs Firns is our dynamic Onsite (Workplace Learning) Coordinator. Like Mr O’Mara, Mrs Firns provides the information listed above with special expertise in pathway planning and counselling students seeking apprenticeships and/or getting into work (TAFE) straight out of school. Mrs Firns always goes that extra yard to help our students (just ask them!) and even spent part of 2021 advising students at Edith Cowan University to develop her career development skills. 

Parents and students are encouraged and welcome to email us for advice and/or arranging appointments:;

Mr Mark O’Mara & Mrs Simone Firns
Chisholm Career Services

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