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Chisholm Catholic College’s Annual Presentation Night

November 30, 2023

Chisholm Catholic College’s Annual Presentation Night was held on Monday 27 November and was a resounding success, showcasing the school’s commitment to excellence. The Perth Concert Hall played host to our Year 7 cohort, over 100 musicians, 200 award recipients and a gathered audience of more than 700 parents and staff. The evening embodied Chisholm’s values, emphasizing a sense of community and achievement.

Acknowledgments were extended to the entire Chisholm community, with special gratitude directed towards Mrs Nicole Huggins (Deputy Principal – Excellence), Mr Christopher Milne (Director of Music), and Mr Tristan Mamotte (Media Teacher) for their significant contributions to the success of the evening. Truly, the support and dedication of College staff members was pivotal in the event’s success.

We shone the spotlight on student achievers, applauding not only subject awardees but also music students, student leaders and special award winners. Chisholm Catholic College celebrated a night of accomplishment and community spirit, reinforcing our Vision and commitment to nurturing our student’s growth in faith, character, learning and compassion.

Mr John Swindells
Deputy Principal – Mission

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