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Chisholm Day

September 17, 2021

Congratulations and thanks to all students, families and staff for your support, participation and contribution towards our Chisholm Day festivities and fundraising efforts. After costs we raised an incredible $20 000. That money is held in our Missions Account to be distributed before Christmas to the main agencies we traditionally support, primarily those who are part of Dominican/Christian Brothers tradition and/or those connected to Chisholm Care. Details of our donations will be part of our final Carolean of the year.

Chisholm Day is a wonderful reminder of the outstanding school spirit and character of the people, and the quality relationships between the people of Chisholm Catholic College. Enjoy these attached photos, as they help tell the story of what was a great day for our school community. Finally, thanks again to all contributors of prayers and support in making the day such a success.

Mr John Swindells
Deputy Principal – Mission

“Thank you all on behalf of the Vinnies for involving us for the first time in your Chisholm Day festivities. We were delighted with the interest in our ‘pop-up op shop’, from students and staff!

$348.00 was raised on Chisholm Day and it will all go towards funding key services to support vulnerable people in WA. Thank you again for the ongoing relationship between Chisholm Catholic College and The Vinnies. Together we can make a real difference in the lives of people in our community in need. We look forward to this relationship continuing into the future.”

Mr Colin Krause, Vincent de Paul Coordinator

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