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July 23, 2021

College Landscaping

The tree planting in the main quad is the latest stage in an ongoing transformation of our grounds to be water wise and more in tune with the original flora and fauna of our region. The earlier successful establishment of native gardens on the Beaufort Street verge and front administration entrance provided a blueprint to continue within the College.

The results from a survey of our staff and students conducted by our architects last year, was the confirmation that shade, greenery and seating in the quad were a very high priority.

Three mature marri trees were planted as well as six smaller red ironbark eucalypts. Over time, these trees will provide shade to an Aboriginal garden adjacent to the Cooney Centre as well as new seating and raised decking closer to the e-Learning Centre.

Concept plans created by our landscape architects also include more shade and gardens in leading up to the Music Centre and Auditorium and a memorial garden closer to the Chapel. We hope to complete all of these projects by the end of next year.

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