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August 6, 2021

For the past three weeks the College has been revisiting our COVID-19 Response Plan and working on preparations for potential disruption to our normal teaching and learning operation in the event of potential lockdown or suspension of classes. This behind the scenes work on the part of staff is important from the perspective of being proactive in our approach to COVID-19 Readiness and being able to implement things quickly if a response is needed.

Recent developments here in WA this week in regard to a weak positive case being detected have highlighted the importance of that readiness even more. All families should be vigilant about the Health Advice being issued and check possible exposure site information and should the need arise, follow the guidelines on what needs to occur if any one of those sites has been visited. Please consult the Healthy WA website for the most up to date information and government advice.

As per that information, any individuals who were at any of the potential exposure sites at the identified times must be tested immediately, quarantine until a negative result is returned and monitor for symptoms unless contacted individually by the WA Health Department.

Mr John Bormolini

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