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Creative Edge Competition

August 31, 2023

On Saturday 26 August, we had three teams competing in the Creative Edge competition State Final at Curtin University. The competition required teams to solve open-ended challenges and present their most creative solution, a performance on the day. There are three discipline areas within the challenge with each team choosing one discipline.

The first area is Literature and Communication and the problem this year was “A picture paints a thousand words.” Society and Environment is the second discipline and the problem was based on “Those who follow – Will the choices we make today have a lasting effect on those who follow?” The third discipline was Science and Engineering with the team given the problem “Moving up.”

Over a six-week period, the students wrote their own scripts and made their costumes as well as built their props. The competition has strict rules on items that can be used for props and costumes and the students needed to be very resourceful in getting these all together.

Our three teams came up with innovative solutions and all three performances were well received by the judges and very entertaining. At the end of each performance, the teams managed to answer the judges’ questions with clear and concise responses to the impromptu part of the competition.

I would like to thank Jasmine Hayes, Luisa Box and Jenna Ng for all the time that they put in assisting these students in their preparation for this competition. I would also like to thank all the parents for their support on the day including transporting all the props and costumes to Curtin University.

We now eagerly await the results.

Mrs Kylie Underwood
Coordinator – Gifted and Talented Programme (Stellatus)

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