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March 24, 2022

Congratulations to our Year 8 debaters on their first debate of the season. The students overcame nerves to present an engaging debate on the topic that public transport should be free. A big thank you to Roman Kaless 9P2 and Maia Securo 9O1 who offered to co-adjudicate and provide feedback to the enthusiastic Year 8 debaters.

Eleni Chapman 8P3 reports:

On the afternoon of Wednesday 16 March, Chisholm’s Year 8 Debating teams went head-to-head in their first debate. The topic debated was that public transport should be free. The Affirmative case was taken by Ryder Pham, Jean-Paul Rapy and Aarav Paul. The Negative case was taken by Eleni Chapman, Francesca Macri and Amelia Yates. Matilda Richards-Scully chaired the debate.

Both teams argued great points and dealt really well with unexpected rebuttals, but in the end, the Negative team won the debate with strong arguments and a confident case. It was an awesome introduction to competitive debating and was enjoyed by all. A big thank-you to Ms Franich, Ms Molloy and Miss Wilson, plus Roman and Maia from Year 9, for facilitating the programme, adjudicating on the day and giving feedback to the teams afterwards.

Ms Franich, Miss Molloy and Miss Wilson
English Department

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