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Five Tips for Building a Reading Habit

May 30, 2024

A regular reading habit has been shown to have benefits for students in all subjects. Yes, even in Maths and Science! These are some ways in which students can develop a great reading habit.

Support teens to find their next great read – whatever it is
Remember, all reading is good reading! Whether it’s graphic novels, romance, non-fiction or fantasy, the benefits will flow.

Use your school libraries and librarians

School libraries have a positive influence on reading behaviours – providing access, community and recommendations for teen readers. The Chisholm Library staff support Years 7-9 students in WILD and are also happy to help students find books anytime.

Parents can model reading

For parents wanting to support teen reading, reading yourself – and having books in the home is a good place to start! Teens who see reading modelled in their home are most likely to read.

Meet teens where they are

Reading and screen time shouldn’t be seen as in opposition to each other. Reading the book of a movie, TV show or game they liked is a great way to find books to read. Social media can support reading behaviour, through aiding with book discovery and forming online communities.

Carve out time and space for teens to read

Finding the time and space to read for pleasure can be difficult for teens. Parents can integrate a reading culture into the home, by making time in the family schedule for everyone to read.

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