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“French Accent” Excursion

September 1, 2022

French senior students relaxed at French Accent restaurant on the evening of 18 August. We celebrated la gastronomie with the native speaking staff, who looked after us with typical French attention and cool. French Accent’s difference point is presentation, every dish an immersive experience where our young diners were given scientific implements, chemically-created textures, gases and liquids to ‘finish’ their dish. Favourites were the bubble machine to catch with your plate, and the nerf gun to spray salty sugar over dessert. Hearing the young French staff speaking in English as their foreign language gave us the courage to try out our French with them.

Thanks to the Year 10 French, Year 12 ATAR students and Ms Natasha Clark for sharing their love of French language and willingness to have a go at some new dishes and French chat.

Ms Sharatha Mizen
French Teacher

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