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FROM THE PRINCIPAL – Best Foot Forward

March 8, 2024

Our Open Day and tours of the College are without doubt a great opportunity to show the public who and what we are, in person. The fact that the event is set around a typical school day with classes and activities operating as normal, is a great way for our visitors to witness College daily life and all that there is on offer.

Intrinsic in that exercise is another opportunity for everyone in the Chisholm community to reflect on all that we do. It gives pause to consider exactly what characterises our school and how it truly reflects a quality Catholic education. Sometimes when we’re very close to it or buried in the busy day to day (more so now than ever before), we take for granted the dedication and effort that goes into this work from every member of staff.

In my role I’m blessed to have the opportunity to view how things operate from a more global perspective, not just the day to day. That overview I believe certainly makes all of us, not just me, very proud of the Chisholm of today, 35 years on from our foundation year.

When we stop and observe, it also reinforces the clear notion of ongoing improvement and seeking to do things better, not simply redesigning things for its own sake but for genuine advancement and to ensure we maintain the great learning environment we have. To keep things exactly the same means falling backwards, especially in today’s world.

Thank you to Ms Rodrigues and all the student leaders and staff members involved in putting our best foot forward yesterday. The hundreds of people and families that enjoyed the opportunity yesterday, I’m sure were also very appreciative.       

Mr John Bormolini

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