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FROM THE PRINCIPAL – Chisholm Day 2022

September 16, 2022

Chisholm Day 2022 was held on Friday 9 September. As is our rich tradition, we paused usual classes to acknowledge and celebrate everything good about our College Patron, Community and Values.

This year’s Chisholm Day Theme “Compassion”, formed the basis of the whole school’s Mass readings, homily and fundraising efforts. Fr Zyggy’s homily shed light on some of the many and significant benefits of this important College Value of ours for individuals and the broader community.

Once again, the day was characterised by the colour of casual dress and fete activities featuring 48 PCG stalls. Huge thanks to all students, families and staff for their generous support, participation and contribution towards our Chisholm Day festivities and fundraising efforts. Almost $20 000 was raised, with all profits to be distributed to the main agencies that Chisholm Catholic College traditionally supports, primarily those who are part of the Dominican/Christian Brothers tradition and other important charitable causes. Details of our donations will be included in the final Carolean of the year. 

Chisholm Day is a wonderful show of school spirit and the character of our people. Enjoy these photos, which help tell the story of a great day for our school community.

With great thanks to all involved.

Mr John Swindells – Deputy Principal, Mission                         

Mr John Bormolini – Principal

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