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February 9, 2022

Our first week of the new year has commenced, and for our students, relatively smoothly. It was wonderful and quite uplifting to see our students pleased to be back and reconnecting with their friends, classmates and staff. Unfortunately, the start for staff has not been as smooth as it typically is at Chisholm as we’ve grappled with some major IT changes. I’m optimistic that much of the early stages are now in place and we will continue to complete the transition in some other steps during the term. Thank you for your understanding – such are the challenges of new technology sometimes. 

As the changing landscape for schools keeps unfolding in these next months, we will continue to adapt and respond, as we need to by direction, but also with consideration for our own context and community and what we believe is best for our students. Already, we are seeing developments that are affecting individual schools and realistically, we must accept that we too at some point will feel some impact. The College will continue to advise and inform families as needed, and I ask that parents rely on direct information or communiques from us, and not assumptions or hearsay that may be inaccurate.

My best wishes to everyone as we go forward. Let’s see what week two brings.

Mr John Bormolini

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