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FROM THE PRINCIPAL – Planning 2024

November 3, 2023

Amongst the many and varied events and activities occurring at this time of year on the daily calendar, important attention is also now being given to the required planning and preparations needed for 2024. In the coming weeks, we will continue to focus on completing our College staffing and recruitment and confirm our busy schedule of events, College operation and calendar for next year.

In addition, there will be much in the way of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning programme planning including our Pupil Free planning day on 17 November.

Next week, the College Academic Council and Pastoral Council members (Heads of Learning Area, Heads of Year, College Executive and Counselling staff) will be involved in our annual professional learning day to discuss and confirm various elements of our work and aims for next year.

Through all of this, there are vital considerations that will determine things going forward. The current proposed Teachers Enterprise Agreement that is still being negotiated after nearly two years should hopefully be resolved with an outcome by next week. The revision of the College’s next School Improvement Plan for 2024 to 2026 will also be important in regard to our strategic thinking for Chisholm into the next period. This will be highlighted in our Quality Catholic Education School Review that will seek feedback and involvement from students, parents and staff during Term 1 next year.

The College’s Master Plan will also figure prominently as we refine and watch the emergence of our new Flexible Learning Centre development throughout 2024, to be concluded for the beginning of Term 4.

The specific details for all of these things and more will of course be communicated in various ways as the beginning of 2024 rolls out. I certainly look forward to a successful conclusion to another extraordinarily busy year and the opportunity to write to all families in my end of year letter to community, in early December.

Mr John Bormolini

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