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FROM THE PRINCIPAL – Reconciliation and Working with Regional and Remote Communities

May 24, 2024

As has been written about in the past couple of years, Chisholm has partnered with two smaller northern schools and communities in work that has great mutual benefit. Both projects involve enhancing the educational opportunities and learning for students as well as fostering cultural relationships, better understanding and awareness.

Our work with Beagle Bay and the Nyul Nyul community on the Dampier Peninsula is set on skills development for secondary students through the reopening of their on-campus Trade Training Centre. Staff from Chisholm will visit next week and spend time working and upskilling Beagle Bay staff in preparation for work that will commence later in the year and through next year.

Chisholm’s Science staff have also been working closely with the staff at St Mary’s College Broome in their secondary STEM programme and this is emerging as a very positive joint project with many benefits and exciting prospects ahead for this year’s Stem Showcase, to be hosted for CEWA schools at Chisholm and for the future.

We look forward to this positive journey and the projects themselves continuing to flourish through the coming two years and hopefully beyond.

Mr John Bormolini

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