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FROM THE PRINCIPAL – Slowly Adjusting

February 11, 2022

Thank you to all our Chisholm community for your understanding and support as we make adjustments and respond to current circumstances. These circumstances can of course change at any time and we are trying to re-evaluate our programmes and activities constantly to address what is needed with educational continuity.

Please note that we have established a new menu on the College website homepage that displays information or memos regarding COVID-19 that parents can refer to. It includes a breakdown of the status of events on our calendar and if they have been affected. Note too that this is NOT where urgent information regarding a case of infection, should it occur in the College, will be publicised. This will be through direct channels with an SMS to parents, a direct email to parents and thereafter through additional communications.

Thank you also for your patience as we smooth out our IT transition. Whilst our teaching and learning delivery for staff and students is in hand I realise that there are still some Administration aspects on our Parent Portal for example, that need to be fixed. We are addressing these in the coming days.   

Thanks for your understanding.

Mr John Bormolini

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