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February 2, 2024

A warm welcome back to the new school year everyone. As is so often the case, the start up to our year can be during a hotter period. We’re thankful that our airconditioned facilities are making life easier, even if it is very warm outside. 2024 is a significant one for Chisholm as we celebrate our 35-year anniversary.

Despite the heat, things have commenced smoothly enough as we all find our feet in these opening days of our school calendar. I welcome all our new families and incoming students commencing for the first time, particularly our Year 7 students. I am sure things will settle into a solid routine once a couple of weeks have cycled through. We also welcome the new teaching and support staff who have joined us this year. A detailed list with some background information on these newest members of Chisholm will be featured in next week’s Carolean. We will also feature the details of another very strong set of Year 12 results from 2023.

I look forward to sending through my important letter to all families for the start of year early next week, as we stride into Term One and the new academic year.

Mr John Bormolini

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